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Ace bandage 6in x3 m

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Elastic Bandage Wraps are latex free and made with 100% USA-Grown Cotton. Our non-toxic and hypoallergenic bandage rolls are durable, machine washable and reusable with easy press fasteners on both ends that make it easy to self-apply. We stand behind our quality for up to one year from original purchase.

Ace Your Recovery with GT

GT Bandages deliver the best in comfort, stability and relief from pain. Choose GT bandages to get back to what you love doing sooner. 

Benefits of GT Compression

Our bandages are made of thick, comforting cotton and compression elastic to help minimize swelling and apply pressure where it is needed most. With 4 convenient sizes, our bandages can assist anywhere on the body and with nearly any joint sprain, muscle strain, or post-op recovery plan. When it comes to life’s emergencies, unexpected injuries or surgical rehabilitation we put your needs first, every time.

These Bandages help secures our Lymphedema wraps.