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Artiflex 10cm x 3m

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Part of the BSN Medical family of products, the Artiflex multi-purpose under padding bandage ensures even distribution of pressure in multilayered bandaging for lymphedema and other venous edema applications. The non-woven structure of Artiflex allows it to easily conform to all limb shapes and bony prominences, ensuring not only even distribution of compression, but also comfortable padding protection for sensitive areas. Non-absorbent and air permeable, Artiflex is very "breathable", helping to reduce skin irritation caused by moisture. Artiflex is a popular choice for use with Comprilan® short stretch compression bandages and Tricofix tubular stockinette as part of a multi-layered compression bandaging system.


Non-absorbent so padding effect is not compromised even in humid conditions

Ideal for conforming to odd shapes, such as around ankles and wrists

Air permeable and is well tolerated by the skin

Easy to apply

Useful as under-padding for plaster or synthetic casts